Tom DenslowElder

    I am a 66 year old and happily married to my wife Kathy for 46 years. I have two children and seven grandchildren. My daughter, her husband, and their 5 daughters attend Our Savior as well. My son, his wife and his two sons live in Austin. I have been a member at Our Savior since 1979 and when I was baptized here at the age of 28 it was on the same day as my daughter. I was born in Western New York and we moved to Abilene from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1979 to pursue a job opportunity. During the day I am an electrical engineer working in the Civil Engineering squadron at Dyess AFB. I am an avid sports fan and a more avid grandchildren fan. I have tap danced with my granddaughters at their ballet studio for 10 years. I have served as education director as well as Elder over the years. We are happy to have you here and would love to have you as a member!